Dell Dimension power problems

 adamlayzell69 -
I have a Dell Dimension 9100. After being unplugged for 3 weeks it has started to have problems starting. It loads occassioanlly and can stay on for up to 5 miniuntes with everything loading ok, other times I get the flashing amber light on the power button indicating a hardware failure. I have tried all the options listed in the forum but without luck. Both fans, incoming vent and power both work until it shuts off. Any ideas?

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Dear Deg,

Could you please check out if the you are not having a battery

problem. This could be the source of all the trouble that you are


Thanks in advance.
Thank you

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No problem with the motherboard battery which I aslo replaced. I have managed to start the desktop PC twice for about 5 minutes before it powers off, so I am thinking it is likley to be the power supply unit.

Dear Sir,

Hence it should be sent for repair if the power supply unit

is causing trouble.


yeah i had the same problem with a pc i just repaired. Its a dodgy power button.. Try this.

In control panel go to power options and set the "when i press the power button" option to "do nothing" Now no problems. :)