Laptop does not start, power LED blinks 3 times and stops. [Solved/Closed]

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My dell inspiron 3537 is not starting up. It blinks the power LED 3 times and then the power LED stops blinking and stays on.

It is not showing the charger when I plug it in.
I have tried starting up by removing the battery and using just the charger, the problem stays. Since the power LED blinks when I'm on just charger mode, I don't think there is any problem with the charger.

Please help.
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approved by Jean-François Pillou on Nov 29, 2018
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Thank you
Please try the below mentioned steps and see if the problem resolves:
  • 1. Connect the AC adapter to a known good power outlet. Check Power LED indicator on AC Adapter with/without plugging into the Notebook.
  • 2. If LED on the AC Adapter goes off only after connecting to notebook, the issue is with the motherboard.
  • 3. If the AC Adapter LED is ON, then remove external peripherals, battery, AC Adapter and press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds to drain Flea power.
  • 4. Plug in the AC Adapter and battery and check if the computer powers on.

Do reply with results.

This was given by zohaib R in kioskea...
please follow this link...

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Thank u so much for the solution..this really helped me ..

I had the same problem with my Dell Inspiron 3537. I called customer care and they said that it's a motherboard problem and that I'll have to replace it. But this thing worked for me right now and I'm so relieved. I had two RAMs in my laptop. I opened the back of my laptop, tried checking the the RAM one by one. Then, I switched the places of RAMs and tried to turn my laptop on. After that, I put them back to their original positions. Somehow, it worked. My laptop started. Hope this helps.
10-15 seconds holding the power button do the trick of removing flea current..!! fantastico..!!