Integrated Realtek ac97 audio (no sound)

Jake - Aug 8, 2008 at 10:46 PM
 Mordio - Nov 28, 2013 at 01:23 PM
Hello, My names jake.

First i'll tell you how the problem began. I was plugging in an extra hard drive into one of my CD drives slot and while doing so I had to remove my ram chips and my CPU heat sink and fan. In doing so I had problems with my CPU but I fixed them my main problem was when I plugged my ram chip back into the computer I let of a static discharge and fried one of my ram chips! Now all of the sudden after that I get absolutely no sound from my integrated sound chip. My brother who is really good with computers and a worker at a computer store at Compu-silv in Brockville Ontario told me it had to do with a driver or my bios. So I checked both and they were fine. I downloaded the newest driver for my Realtek chip (version A404) and nothing changed! My other problem is I have Xp and Vista on my computer and both OS'S sound stopped so I highly dought it's the driver. Anyways my computer knows the driver is installed and yes I made sure the fricken thing was properly plugged in because I ain't that stupid. I even checked windows Vista and showed that my audio device was putting out a signal. So my chip is working i'm just getting no sound from it. I have tried multiple speakers so it ain't the speakers. I f anyone can help please reply to my message.

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Sep 6, 2008 at 05:39 PM
All drivers you need for your computer are here :
Best regards
thank you but i've been there yesterday and I made a download from driver audio but nothing happens...

but I didn't try to make all of that drivers downloads and etc, I lost my sound since I upload my graphics card nvidea 8400 gs to a new graphics card ati 4850 after that no sound. that's my only problem...
didnt work for me :-( but now I C-mos battery tricked it. thats something you should all try 1st it generally fixes the problems 90% of the time if that dont work then move further on down the Do's and Donts and Try this method list. hope this helped
This worked on a Fujitsu Amilo PC after a new DVD Drive installed and running Vista Home premium 32 bit. No sound was coming out of the same pair of speakers used before the repair but all the system checks showed that Realtek was working. So I contacted the repair company and this was the fix:

Open Realtek manager then plug your speaker lead into the front headphone socket and your speakers should start working. Obviously you need a CD playing, and at the same time an info box will pop up. This box will show a list of line in/line outs and have a tick against the Headphone entry. This proves that Realtek is working. If it's still not working then I can't help you, but if it is:

Unplug the speaker lead and plug into the the Green audio connection at the rear. Your speakers will probably not work but this will bring up the info box again and there will be a tick against the Rear Speaker entry. Untick and then tick the Front Speaker entry, click OK, and your speakers should now work.

This confusing (to me) setup is because Realtek is configured for surround sound but getting the information seems difficult if you don't use and so are not used to surround sound. Obviously this has only been used for a pair of speakers but if you are having similar problems with surround sound this might help.
This worked for me. Never thought it would be that simple. Thanks mate ^^
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Sep 7, 2008 at 05:14 AM
In "Device manager", double-click on "Sound, video and game controllers", is your audio driver right installed ?
If you click on the Realtek volume icon, what is happening?
I had the same problem and I solved it by doing this:

Go to manage audio devices in control panel, check if the digital output is there, right click on it and choose "do not use this device"

the digital output is enabled by default that's why there is no sound coming from the analog output.
ye mon

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Some one please help me! I have this thing realtek HD audio manager and I was messing with it now all my sounds sound electric and I cant make them normal again please some one help me
Ha Ha check what settings you have it on open realtek hd sound manager and click sound effects restore to default its probably that simple lol !!
Alan Turnbull
Apr 26, 2010 at 09:09 AM
I had this exact same problem with my HP computer and Realtek HD sound card/Audio Manager.

I'm running Vista 32 Home Premium with all the latest drivers. I'd installed a new HDD and also RAM which I think somehow triggered the problem. The device thought it was working correctly, the volume/equalizer was moving up and down but no sound was coming out of the headphone jack or rear analogue output.

In the Realtek HD Audio Manager console, the Digital Output was set to default which explains why no sound was coming out of the jack sockets!! I clicked on the 'speaker output' tab and then clicked 'set as default' and now it's working perfectly again.

Simple enough to fix but I have no idea what made it switch to digital in the first place!?!
hello james

My name's marcos and I have the same problem as you, i'm trying to update my realtek driver, my sound card is integrated as well.

i tried to fix my sound, I went to sound mixer and it appears Realtek HDMI output and it is running but no sound coming out,

I bought speakers to my pc and nothing appens i'm really feed up...

Well it is good see someone which has the same problem.

Bye :)
find out what motherboard you have easy way is to download a program called everest that will tell you the mother board manufacturer that way you can check the bios revision. anymore you run a flash on windows instead of dos. manufacturer will have chipset drivers as well to update
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Sep 6, 2008 at 04:44 PM
Computer manufacturer and computer model ?
See you
Have you tried uninstalling the drivers then re-installing? It seems like you've downloaded the wrong drivers since the sound works when you disable it. :)
your sound card is affected
Apr 18, 2010 at 01:01 PM
0o There is loads of known problems with realtek audio some people have problems others do not mine I have to use the black audio port all others give no sound :/ had a look around seems problems are common so it may just be the hardware is messed up not anything to do with software seems most the time it is so i've had two with the hardware shot so i've learnt my lesson XD bought myself a nice sound card :p so remember next time don't buy a motherboard with realtek hardware my school had to replace most there computers cause they did that XD hope this helps :) - I think it's really to do with the realtek audio chip but I don't have an idea on how to fix them :/
my computer manufacter is hewlett-Packard Company and the model is SR5139uk
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Sep 6, 2008 at 05:33 PM
and your OS ?
my OS is 32 bit windows vista home premium
it appears ASUS virtual video capture device driver, high definition audio device, realtek high definition audio. And it's everything Ok.
I went to Bios and I disable the sound and sound works when I disable it. but when I shut it down and turn it on again the sound's gone.

This is really strange
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Sep 7, 2008 at 12:09 PM
I found this article on HP website concerning sound problems, maybe you will find a solution to your :
thank you very much :)
I have XP integrated sound card and the same problem, sound stopped working one day when my computer over heated due to a defective power supply, I put in a new one (weaker than the last one). my computer says everything is running fine, updated drivers, and tried using other sound ports like the one on my CD drive but still no sound
the thing is your sound card is fried due to electric surges in the board . It is becoz there might be slight EMP burst (electro magnetic pulse) so anything magnetic means sound related is fried but that doesn't affect your performance or driver issues. only one solution buy one of that USB SOUND CARD that's it
have you tried taking the C-mos battery away from the motherboard and switching the jumper pin for 30 secs then put it back, then place battery back into its slot on the mother board and boot system. I did that and this fixed every problem for me. windows found all the "new hardware" (it wasnt new just messed up like yours) and then let me install all the drivers. now my AC-97 is xplodin with noise again and I can tweak my graphics and so on....