Meaning of a protocol?

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Can anybody tells me wats a protocol?

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Protocol is a set of rules. Now consider that you are driving a car. You have to follow some set of rules for that. Why was that rules put? It was posed on all drivers so that the transportation is smooth and safe. Similarly in networking the protocols were set up so that the transportation of your message over the network is smooth and safe.
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A standard way of communicating across a network. A protocol is the "language" of the network. A method by which two dissimilar systems can communicate. TCP is a protocol which runs over a network.
i want to know detail info about tcp/ip
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The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is one of the core protocols of the Internet Protocol Suite. TCP is one of the two original components of the suite (the other being Internet Protocol, or IP), so the entire suite is commonly referred to as TCP/IP. Whereas IP handles lower-level transmissions from computer to computer as a message makes its way across the Internet, TCP operates at a higher level, concerned only with the two end systems, for example a Web browser and a Web server. In particular, TCP provides reliable, ordered delivery of a stream of bytes from a program on one computer to another program on another computer. Besides the Web, other common applications of TCP include e-mail and file transfer. Among its other management tasks, TCP controls segment size, flow control, the rate at which data is exchanged, and network traffic congestion.
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protocol (from the Greek protocollon, which was a leaf of paper glued to a manuscript volume, describing its contents) is the special set of rules that end points in a telecommunication connection use when they communicate. Protocols exist at several levels in a telecommunication connection. For example, there are protocols for the data interchange at the hardware device level and protocols for data interchange at the application program level. In the standard model known as Open Systems Interconnection (OSI), there are one or more protocols at each layer in the telecommunication exchange that both ends of the exchange must recognize and observe. Protocols are often described in an industry or international standard.

firstly I would like to say protocol is a set of rules which is could be any thing and if I talking about the wht is the role of protocol in networking so it is the rule of how to communicate wid one device to other device. and protocol is defined how to communicate one device to another device.
it is a set of rules and it is also a software