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H2 tags get white


Hello, H2 font get white on my website Looking for a solution. 

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Website rejected by google adsense


Hello, I have a website with good traffic and info. On this website, I used to post articles regarding prayer times of different cities like fajr tim...

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Adsense issues


Hello, I am facing some issues with my ads. Ads are showing perfectly in mobile but when it comes to laptop, I can’t see ads on some posts. How can I ...

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How to index backlinks of your website in google quickly?


I have launched a website. It's been for 5 months since I made its 500+ backlinks. But only 50 of them are indexed in 5 months. Which is really frustr...

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Can i enable google adsense on my ecommerce store?


Need to know about this. Is it ok to apply for AdSense on my ecommerce store?

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How can i improve my website seo


Hello, i want to improve onpage seo

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How to rank our website in google?


I want to know that how to rank our website in google with the help of SEO.

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How we optimize my website??


Hello, I have issue in my client's website. I tried my best to convert images into webp but images are not changed from jpg to webp. Please solve my ...

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What is the cost of creating a news site?


I wish I had a news site like cnn or inew. Will the cost of these sites be large? I want to know the price of website design and servers Is the opera...

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What are the best steps to follow to speed up any site?


what are the technical subject matter to consider? steps to implement?

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Speed optimiztion of website for mobile


Hi, I have a website related to Digital Display screens in United States. Its mobile speed is 22. How to improve its speed?

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Table formatting


Hi, I have a problem that I cant find a solution to. Could one of you kind people help with this issue please? Im trying to create a "table" in ...

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Htaccess redirection from old url to new url with parameters


Hello, . via htaccess in need help to redirect from old domain dirty to a clean new domain with parameters. . - new domain - remove blog folder ...

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Auto clear input field


In, you give a good overall guide to forms, but omit one feature. How do folks set up input fields such tha...

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Displaying an image on a web page


Hi Guys, Here I am again with yet another scripting problem. I must give scripting up, but first I want to see what I am doing wrong ... any help w...

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How do i set variable and go to webpage in one click?


Hi all, Im trying to improve a web site and the best way I can think to describe this problem is quite long winded and obtuse. I hope someone can s...

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Centering pictures with css (as opposed to inline)


Hi guys, I wonder if you could give ma a hand with some coding I am trying to improve on for my website? Below is (an extract) of my CSS stylesh...

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Requirements to become a web designer


Hello, i want to start a new career as a webdesigner. I am 18 years old I just finished school and I have a basic knowledge in IT, web programming ...

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Setting up my own dns server


Hi, I have my own registered domain. I want to set up my own DNS server and host a website completely independent of any third party hosting servic...

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Regarding apache tomcat server 6.0


Hello, i wanna to work a Jsp and j2ee project with sqlserver 2005 i installed Apache tomcat server 6.0 in windows xp. when I am trying to start...

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How to create website


Hello, sir how to create website in htmal pls. Create my name website iam not create a website Configuration: / Opera 9.80

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What is the best way to design or to layout webpages


Hello, I want to design a webpage but i wonder what is the best way to do it ? you know we have tables, frames, css thanks

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Ecommerce and ebusiness


Hallo! could anyone kindly let me know the DIFFRENCES between Ecommerce and Ebusiness?

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How to get the top 1 google


Hello, I want to promote my website to top 1 google with my selected keywords. What must i do to increase quickly? Thanks, Configuration...

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How to add or remove elements with javascripts


Hello, Hello, On my html page, I want to put a button that temporarily removes a flash player element and another button to put it back. I know h...

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Meaning of a protocol?


Hello, Can anybody tells me wats a protocol?Configuration: Windows XP Firefox

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Creating a website


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Opera 9.80 hi, i want to create a website for my school . pls help me do that. Thanks.

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Zohaib R

How i make my web page site


Hello, as i am planing on making an website of my own and wanting information on how i make it and the links for the pages for people who i get to joi...

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How to create my website also in spanish?


Hello, Can you please help me with my problem...i need to be able to translate my website tospanish as well as english, I hope you are able to he...

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What is flickers


Hello, WHat is flicker? How do i use it and what are its advantages? Thaks Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet explorer

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Who made the face book


hi dear sir or madam who made face book let me know?

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Gprs settings


Hello, plz activate the gprs on my num. 9548780641 and give me all the settings to open the internet on my mobile

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Deleting cookies and history from firefox?


Hello, I want on how to delete a history and cookies from Mozilla fire fox web browser. i am new to the Firefox web browser, so i need guidance on de...

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How i can get my dsabled facebook back?


Hello, im osman my facebook is disabled without any notification please help me out???? how i can get my disabled facebook back ?

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Help, having web page problems


Hello, can anyone help me please? having problems with certain web sites an pages, (facebook,youtube,ebay) the whole page won't appear or if it does ...

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Mysql help, php and database help


Hello, I am building a form/blog/personal site for a small company. I was wondering if someone could help me in setting up my database. i have though...

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Site templates


hiiiiiiiiiiiiii all! I need some advices, anyone knows some good templates sites? I got a lack of inspiration atm loooolll need some fresh ideasss!

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Problem to open 2007 files


Hello, Now I have Office 2003 but i recieved Power point files were written on office 2007 and i can't open it

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I forget my security question



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Buttons in actionscript 3.0


Hello, I'm trying to make my buttons clickable in flash CS4 ActionScript 3.0, but for some reason it keeps giving me the error - 1120: Access of unde...

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Web hosting


Hello, I registered a domain name from . I am new to webdesigning. What is the next step to upload my file? I tried with Fil...

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Webcam cd



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You tube


Hello, i want to make my own website i dont know about this plz tel me how can i make

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Who developed autocad??


Hello, i wanted to know who developed autocad???\

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Is winxp reloaded the real name?


Hello, Is Windows XP Reloaded this product's real name? Sounds good man!!! :)

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