How to disable auto download of MMS on Android while roaming

How to disable auto download of MMS on Android while roaming

The Android operating system allows you to disable receiving MMS messages when your phone is on roaming mode. This is especially useful as it saves you from additional fees when you travel to another country. Here is our instruction on how to manually change the settings to turn it off.

What is Auto download of MMS in roaming mode on Android?

Auto download is a useful feature that allows users to automatically download SMS and MMS messages without having to tap to start the download. However, downloading multimedia messages (MMS) to a device while roaming can be expensive. Follow the instructions below to find out how to disable this mode.

How to disable the auto download of MMS in roaming mode?

  • To enable the automatic MMS download feature, you first have to open the text messaging app on your phone. 
  • Tap on the Profile picture in the upper right corner and select Messages settings.
  • Then, scroll down to Advanced. 
  • Next, tap Auto-download MMS when roaming to turn off:
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