Finsta account: meaning, ideas, celebrities

Finsta account: meaning, ideas, celebrities

This article will explain what a Finsta account is, and will look at if it is worth creating one for yourself, and how to do just that.

What is a Finsta account?

You may or may not have heard of 'Finstas' but they're actually quite a popular trend, especially among Generation Z and many celebrities. Theoretically they are fake instagram accounts (hence the name finsta), but in reality they are just secondary accounts or secret accompaniments to more basic, main instagram accounts. Secret outlets of unfiltered everyday life shared with a select few.  

Social media and instagram in particular, have been associated with feelings of anxiety, depression and constant FOMO (fear of missing out) as we are bombarded with images of perfection and happiness. Most people understandably compare these unattainable, unrealistic standards to their own lives and cannot help but feel they don't match up thus creating feelings of worthlessness, anxiety and loneliness.

You may be wondering though, why anyone even needs a Finsta account if they already have an Instagram account? The idea behind Finstas is actually quite interesting as they are like an outlet or release from this perfection-driven, over-filtered social media hamster wheel we all around in. Most people present the most perfect, filtered versions of their lives on social media and so there’s little room for error or frankly, reality. Finsta accounts allow users to share goofy, real, everyday moments with usually a select number of followers on a private account. Normal instagram accounts can have upwards of hundreds and thousands of followers where as finstas are usually private accounts with between 10-20 followers.

How to create a Finsta account?

Creating a finsta account is simple and can be done in just a few steps.

  • 1) Open your instagram account and go onto your profile page. Click on the three lines in the top right corner
  • 2) Click on Settings > Add account > Create New Account:
Finsta screenshot
© Instagram
  • 3) Create your username. We recommend not using your real name or anything resembling it. You can use the SpinXO website to generate fun usernames based on your hobbies and nicknames.
  • 4) Don’t link your Finsta account to any outside accounts. We recommend refusing the option to connect your new finsta account to your Facebook account as this would defeat the purpose of having this private account not linked to your real name.

What are some Finsta post ideas?

As Finsta accounts allow you to be and post 100% whatever you want, there are no social rules or etiquette to follow. You can post food, workouts, throwbacks, jokes, embarrassing pictures, inspirational quotes-whatever you feel like posting!

Which celebrities have Finsta accounts?

Although finsta accounts are quite popular among gen Z who seem to have a better understanding than many adults for the need to be real and unfiltered on social media, it’s hardly surprising that numerous celebrities now have Finsta accounts too. Here are some great celebrity Finsta accounts that can serve as both inspiration and make you laugh:

This hilarious finsta account belongs to Cole Sprouse and is dedicated to people trying to take sneaky pictures of him but getting busted:

Cole Sprouse Finsta
© Instagram

Here’s another this time form Gigi Hadid of all her photos taken with a disposable camera:

Gigi Hadid Finsta
© Instagram

And finally, Bella Thorne of Disney fame and OnlyFans infamy:

Bella Thorne Finsta
© Instagram

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