Ipod Black Out and seem to be dead [Solved/Closed]

 Agona -
My I pod 30g about 21/2 yrs old, about 2yrs n working perfectly up to two days ago when it blacked out and wont charge with adapter charger it came with,when connected to PC a message appears at the right corner of task bar stating that 'a usb device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port', I can't begin to decipher what is going on but My I pod isn't working now and I really would appreciate some knowledgeable assistance so that I can again enjoy the tranquility of My little I pod. Nuff thanks to anyone that can and will assist Me in this little matter.

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Dear Sir,

Please find the solution within the suggestions in the thread below:

My Ipod Won't Turn On

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Press the middle botton and the upper one for a few seconds until the apple logo shows up. I hope it helps

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