Call of Duty Black Ops cheats: PC, PS3, unlock all guns

Call of Duty Black Ops cheats: PC, PS3, unlock all guns

In Call of Duty Black Ops there is a large selection of cheat codes available to use. Here's a small section of some of the most requested cheat codes that you can use.

How to activate the cheat console?

  • Open the game folder and go to the Players directory
  • Open the "Config.cfg" file with notepad
  • Change the value of seta monkeytoy "1" to seta monkeytoy "0"
  • Save the file

Console cheat codes

During the game press the ~ button to open the console and enter one of the following codes

  • /give all: carry more weapons

  • /player_sustainammo 1 : infinite ammo
  • /noclip: no clipping mode (walk through any object")
  • /ufo: flight mode

Other cheat codes

On the main menu hold the space bar (or alternately tap the right and left triggers). This should take you to a terminal where you can enter the follow codes:

  • DOA - Play the Dead Ops Arcade mini game
  • 3ARC INTEL - Unlocks all intel
  • 3ARC UNLOCK - Unlocks all levels 
  • ZORK - Unlocks Zork I
  • HELLO SAILOR - Unlocks Zork I
  • HELP - Gives a list of console commands
  • DIR - Gives a list of audio files and pictures 
  • WHO - Gives a list of login names
  • RLOGIN - Log in with username and password 
  • FOOBAR - Gives an odd message 
  • ALICIA - Loads a virtual therapist
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