Excel VBA Help: Formatting Tables

 johnny -
Hello experts,

I made a table that looks something like this:

A 1
B 2
B 3
C 4
C 5
D 6

I need a macro that can loop, since the number of rows will always be different. I want to delete the repetitive entires in the first column (i.e. the second B and C). Then, I want to format it so that the row for A is white, B is grey, C is white, and D is grey, and so on alternating like that.

Can anybody give me advice on this? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Best Regards,

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Right now, I have managed to get the table to look like this:

A 1
B 2
C 4
D 6

I still need help on the formatting though. So row 1/4 in one color , row 2/3/6 in another color.

You are all useless. I found out how to do it on my own using an IF and a lot of other stuff. I will not paste my code because I did not receive any of your help and it seems as if nobody else needs it either.
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You're a dork.