Send Row of Data To Specific Record

 sulvo -
Hello, I am making a golf handicap spreadsheet for the society I play in. The first worksheet is used for entering the recent score for a given player. I then send this to the next worksheet where the score is checked and the handicap adjusted if needed. This data is in a single row with the first column having the heading 'NAME'. The third worksheet is a list of all the players in the society in a report with the same column headings as the 2nd sheet ie: first column heading 'Name'.
What I want to do is send this row of data(using a button click macro) from the 2nd worksheet into the report only under the row specified by the 'NAME' field overwriting any previous data ie: if the row of data is for player 'Bob' I want the data to overwrite only the data already in the row named 'Bob' in the report.
I hope I have made this clear enough to understand and as you can probably tell, I am new to VB. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I need to do something very similar -- did you have any luck here?