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I have an HP laptop running Vista with SP1 (installed successfully after several hours with a Microsoft Technical support person). Recently I took my laptop with me on a trip to N.Z. and found that I am unable to change from my home network, because the menu does not come up. When I click on the 'Connect To' menu item from the Start button, nothing happens. Ditto when I right-click on the network icon on the right-hand side of the task bar, and choose 'Connect to a network'. Nothing happens at all. This used to work fine (before the Service Pack was installed). I am assuming it was the service pack installation that caused the problem, because the support people disabled all the start-up applications to determine what was causing the problem with its installation, but I can't prove this as I haven't tried to change the network for the several months since this occurred, and I'm not sure what was disabled (or how to re-enable it), especially seeing as the network stuff at my house works fine. I am thinking that I may have to reload Vista, but I don't have a complete copy of the s/w with all the updates including SP1, so would rather not have to go that route.
Thanks for any assistance.

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Aug 21, 2008 at 08:49 PM

First of all, I need to know if your account has administrator rights to your laptop. If you dont you will have difficulty changing anything in Vista.

Choose Start - Control Panel and once it is opened click the User Accounts and Family
Safety heading, and then click the User Accounts option. You should see your username there, next to the logon picture that you chose, and right underneath it it should say Administrator. If it says anything else we first have to get you logged on as an administrator...

That is all for now... Will wait for your reply...

Take care

Complete administrator rights.