Conditional formatting

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I want to look a row of "yes" "no" questions...turn a cell green if all in row are yes, and red if there is a no...

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Let's say the row with yes and no's has the range of A1:J1.
Then put in K1 the following formula: =SUM(IF(A1:J1="no",1,0)).
Confirm this formula by hitting Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
This formula counts how many no's there are in the range A1:J1.
If the result is greater then 0 there is a no in the range.
If the result is 0 then a no doesn't exist in the range.

Use this in conditional formatting:
Condition 1: Formula is: K1>0: apply color red.
Condition 2: Formula is: K1=0: apply color green.

Note that you can put the formula in any cell and if you don't wish to see the result make the text color white.

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