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I am using a Dell Inspiron.1525 and under Other Devices in the Device Manager, all Base System Devices show a yellow exclamation mark showing that it is not working or the software is not there. Please help what should I do?

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hi there,

means you have not installed the drivers mate

download them from link below:


Thank you

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Thanks bro for the message but how do I know the correct driver from the list on the link which was provided?
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I had the exact same issue, and it drove me nuts trying to figure out which is the correct driver that I am missing. I finally found which one the "Base System Device" driver is, and what device it was pointing to.

To fix the issue, you need to go to Dells device & drivers website, and go to the Inspiron 1525 drivers site. Then, choose Windows XP, and once that site comes up, you need to choose Chipset, and download the Ricoh driver. There is only two of them listed, one is a Intel for your regular chipset, and then the Ricoh driver for you flash card driver. Here is the actual link to the correct driver you need to fix all three "Base System Device" bangs.


After you install this file, and reboot your machine, you should be good. If you have any questions, please dont hesistate to ask. By the way, I am a CompTIA A+ and Net+ Certified computer technician, so if you need help, I am the man to ask.
Thanks for your advice, I have a dell inpiron 1720 but had the same problem. Running a windows update I previously thought was irrelevant to me has resolved the issue in the same with the Ricoh drivers. I still have a base system device which is unaccounted for but two out of three ain't bad.
I have a Dell Studio 1550 and the same thing. This worked for me! Thanks it was driving me absolutely crazy.
This is a good answer. It was the Ricoh Card Reader Drivers identified as "Base System Device".

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