Intertek Ratheon Graphic card malfuncto

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I have a VT-ATI Raytheon HD2400 Pro video card, in a totally new installation, on a "new" (been sitting around for a while, Gigabyte GA-81RX MoBo. It supports PC1600 DDR, and PC2100 memory boards. I put it together, and turned it on, and the Monitor said "No Signal". I have the extra four contact power connection in, and I the Video Board also has the 4pin power connected.

Beats me, why it won't run. P/S fan is running, so is the CPU fan, and the fan on the video board. Can anyone help?


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Bare Bones Troubleshooting Installation

I get a lot of letters from readers that experience trouble installing Windows XP. By the time they get around to writing me, the old operating system is long ago trashed and they have tried everything under the proverbial computing sun. Well, almost everything. It's a fact of life that when installing operating systems, less is better, especially when there are problems. If you're in the above category, give this a try.

Remove everything that is installed or connected to your computer so the only things remaining in the case are:
Motherboard, processor, and cooling fan
Graphics card
One stick of RAM
One hard drive
One CD ROM drive

That's it. No sound card, no network interface card, no modem, no extra hard drives or CD ROM drives. Especially important is not to have more than one memory stick, and it should be a minimum of 128MB. Connect up the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse and power up the machine. Go into the BIOS settings and look for a setting for the basic BIOS default configuration. Select it, then make sure that if you're booting from a CD ROM that the CD drive is the first boot device.

Reboot and let the installation process begin. I haven't kept track of numbers, but in the vast majority of cases the installation was completed with no problem. Once you have the basic operating system in place it's a simple matter to start adding back in the extra memory, drives, and devices that were stripped out initially.

A final tip. I know it's tempting to add everything else back in at once after a successful install. Don't do it. Something was causing a problem initially or you wouldn't be using this procedure. Add the pieces back one memory stick, one hard drive, one network interface card at a time and test the system for proper operation after each addition.
Hi, xpcman,

When I looked for anwers to my problem, I found a message about installing ~~~ WinXPC.

I'm not trying to install any OS, I'm trying to get my new Gigabyte MoB working with the VT Radeon HP 2400.
Best of my knowledge, they should be operable together. The Gigabyte MoBo is GA-81RX. It has a FSB of 400 Mhz, and supports memory boards PC 1800, or 2100 DDR2 DIMM. I have a Crucial 2100 memory board. And, I have the VT Radeon HP2400 PRO graphics card.

When I power up the computer, I get the message "No signal input".

Someone suggested in a similar situation, to have the GC card installed, powered up
The Mobo with the special 4pin power supply connected, and the mouse, and the keyboad.
Start it up, then power down, disconnect the power supply cord, and then remove the CMOS battery, and replace it. Then, powering it up.


I received another answer, which asked if I have the HDMI cord attached...??? I saw no place on my GC, which would receive any cord which came with my MC. I suddenly realized, that perhaps he meant a connection for the HDMI, on my MoBo. Setup doesn't mention one,but I'll look after I try removing the CMOs batterey for 3 minutes.


Lastly, when I power up the system, there is an orange LED up at the top of the MoBo. Believe it or not, but the only mention of it anyware in the Gigabyte Manual on line, or the setup directions. Hunting around though, I have gotten the idea that it is normal.

Lastly, all the fans are on: the P/S, the CPU, and the Graphics card fan also.

I just found your answer, after hunting thorough the website, and I have to go out, so I'll have to try all of the suggestions LTR.

God Bless,