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I am new to Macros.I would really appreciate if someone can help me with the following problem.

I have created a validation in Column c and given the following values in the list

here every value has its own description

101857 - sales
81274 - Db2
104711 - Oracle
80169 - web

So if I choose 101857 in a cell in Column "c" then the corresponding column in D should be automatically filled in with value Sales.eg: If i choose 101857 in cell C3 then D3 should be auto populated with sales

I want this to be applied in all the cells in C and D columns.Please help!!!
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Thank you
I believe you could do this with a simple VLOOKUP function.

Create a table with your list of description in two columns

Column#1 Column#2
A1 101857 sales
A2 81274 Db2
A3 104711 Oracle
A4 80169 web

Now if you type in "101857" in cell (say D1) the you vlookup function in the corresponding cell (say E1) should read

Hope this helps!!!