Mp3 player is hanging

 hassan -

when i switch on my mp3 player it is not opening it just hanged up and dont show contect saved in mp3 player.
please tell what should i do ??/


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Dear All,

can anyone tell me how to install reinstall software fo mp3 player. (software that is installed in mp3 player USB stick that run mp3 file.). i think by re installing this issue can be resolved.


Thank you

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Dear Arif,

It might be that there is a virus or corrupted file causing this

trouble. Please connect it to your computer and access to it

and have a virus scan. If you don't get any virus, please see

which of the files is corrupted manually and delete it. This will

surely solve the matter.

Thanks in advance.
when i attached it on my pc it is not being detected. "Install New hardware" wizard opened. and when i chose "install automatically" it was NOT installed.

mp3 player screen is just showing "starting".


Dear Arif,

Please check whether you get the software that you

are looking for at the following address:

Otherwise have it at the manufacturer's official


Thank you.