Linux driver for HP dv2000 [Closed]

 sam -

Hi, Please help to have a linux driver for HP dv2000 free downlod.

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hello :)

could you explain what's the problem and the driver you want to find (audio,video?)

thank you ;)
This is linus self booting purpose without install into hard disc. This is for Wireless LAN.

Rest everything is working properly except Wireless LAN.

Could you please advice hw to get this driver or any driver from you which is supporting this.

Please help.
Anonymous User > Prajith
hello :)

here's the tool to get the ndis driver for wireless:

you can use this program to rip the windows drivers for wireless and then install it on your linux system

some others links to read:

I suggest you to download ndiswrapper before installing linux on your hard drive(and save it on a usb stick),maybe using the wired connection first,and during the installation.(because you need to be connected during the installation to download important packages from the official source)
when the install is done,run ndiswrapper following the doc instruction to configure your wireless connection.

good luck :)
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