Msn messenger for linpus linux lite

kef - Sep 6, 2008 at 12:52 PM
 angel - Nov 14, 2009 at 09:54 AM
can anyone tell me how to install msn messenger for linpus linux lite?

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my webcam is not working on messenger on the acer aspire one netbook..
any ideas how to resolve this, i have tried the live update but this is not working, an error message keeps on appearing..
For Aspireone come pre installed with Linpus is a Linux distribution based on Fedora projects, to use msn you have to install Amsn ,the installation is easy , you can visit this website to learn more about Linpus and how to install Media players,Amsn and more used softwares on Linpus :
hows it going you can run msn throu wine witch is a program that you can find in your add /remove programs

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Sep 6, 2008 at 03:29 PM
So, it seems my last answer was not correct, so i'll try doing better.

msn messenger is a program from Micro$oft, and can not run on a Linux platform.

But you can find a lot of software doing the same job for Linux : amsn, pidgin (i thought pidgin was installed on linpus lite), emesene and a lot.


hey thanx for the reply.. i dun know the default messenger program, but when i key in my user name n password there's a error msg saying that the program couldn't support the platform... i'll try loading amsn..
I have same problem but cant get my head around downloading packages...critical for geting amsn it seems.. ne help?
download the automatic updates in setings that worked for me
It's not a bug with the AA1 that stops you logging in, MSN changed their login protocol at the time of the AA1 release.

This is fixed in an update. Run live-update in the settings section of your computer. (click settings on Linpus Lite's Homepage)

For very useful tips on configuring Linpus Lite on the Acer Aspire One, visit

In short, you already have a chat client which will support MSN chatting,, it just needs an update and she'll be right as rain.

Take it easy
Sam Murray
I just bought the new acer aspire 110 and the messenger isn't working. i just can't find the settings on the homepage, can someone send a link?
would truly appreciate it!!!
thank you

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thank you for this program

if ur messenger not workin in linpus linux

den ur notebook need a LIVE update and after update ,ur messenger will automatically update and it won`t show you error messege again.

Ifu want to noe more about your linpus linux system den jus ask. thanks.
I've tried running the live update several times today in order to try and remedy these probs, but, it never works for me. It always times out and asks me if I want to retry. :(
just been reading your exactly do you get the LIVE update for msn messanger?
please write back
on the homepage click settings>live update

alternately if this doesnt work set up ur msn again and check the "use a Windows compatible service" box or w.e its called when u make the nu account this stops webcam from workin but its better than just a blank msn witth no contacts showin up wich is what i had before
hi.. just wondered if u can help me..
i have tried the live update but it comes back with an
error message everytime.
my live update is not working ... do you know how to make it work ?
Hello, my niece has had an acer one netbook for xmas and it has linpus lite installed. i have got to say im not very good with linux, I have tried to setup the built in messenger that came with it but get the protocol error, iv tried the auto update and yet i still get the same error, iv tried to install amsn after installation where do i find the program to run. Im am just about ready to overwrite linpus with a distro of ubuntu or some other linux. if i can not sort this out, any help would be very greatful
What you have to do is go into settings (the cog on the bottom with prefrences by it) ant click on Live Update then Update and it will update your acer and you will be able to download and go on msn then!!

Hopefully this helps!
Thanks Hutch. I have tried that, the live update does not seem to be working, i click on the update, and then after a few minutes it comes back with a failure message...
Then after 3 attempts, another message comes up saying that I need to check my network settings?? But there is nothing wrong with my network settings...
Very confused..
Thanks for your help
my updates was on for an hour in still not finished am on 8g broadband any ideas?
so to settings using the cog bottom right. then click on live updates, that'll download loads of apps then you should be able to get on the MSN site, close down first then tuen on again after you've done the updates. MSN works then perfectly


good luck
settings, live updates, tuen off, turn off away you go

Hi All

Just carried out a Live Update to 2 x Acers running Linux and the inbuilt MSN is functioning, the only function that is not working are the integrel web cam, any ideas?

john dirt ha ha
Jan 11, 2009 at 12:21 PM
well ur saying that you can change the settings 2 use any program like msn messener gmail or watever but how would u change those settings for you 2 do that
well i have tried the live update and nothing has happend i try to do a video chat and i can see and here the other people but they cant see me it just says voice only iv gone in 2 setting and everything it just wont work does any1 have ideas 2 help me any help will be apreciated..................................p.s Dessperate for help pls pls help
My webcam is not running with messenger... early this day, the webcam ran as usual but now it's not working, I already did the live update but it's still not working... What can I do? help me please!
i dont think you can download it anyway what are you on are you on an acer aspire one because you cant download things on them unless it has windows xp or vista or something like that.
Yes you can download because amsn is for Linux and no relation with vista or xp in this.
i no y it is not working i got it to it is because windows messenger is not made for acer inspire one acer inspire one is a laptop just to go on the internet but you can get msn it is not the proper msn but you can go on cam need more help email me on on msn and just go on msn on or or com lokoing forward to talking to you and btw fill free o ask me any questions i will make sure i will awnser them
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I think theres a special software you need to be able to use msn on linux....ahhhh i forgot the name!!! anyways maybe it can light your path :P
for all those that appear to be still having difficulty the settings is the little cog on the main page, you want to run live update and the problem with msn messenger will be resolved as soon as the updates have been downloaded. You may need to reboot or reload the application for it to be fully effective however