Memory stick problems

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Saturday January 2, 2010
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January 3, 2010

I am hoping someone out there can help me.

I use a Pretec 4gb Bullet proof memory stick fo my MAC book pro and its been OK since i bought it. Today I used the same stick to obtain a file from a PC and stupidly did not eject it properly ..since then I have been unable to open the stick or get it recognised on my MAc or PC... What have I done to it.

Is it a lost cause .. I have loads of files on it for my PGCE course that are not backed up yet which is stupid I know

What can I do if anything

fingers crossed


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In fact is should be ok, but looks like there is somekind of bug, find the driver of the pen drive, erase it from the system and restart the systems and try again.
Thank you

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hi i've got memory stick hp from 8 mb pls help me follow of the ladder then don't find device! PLS PLS PLS HELP 8 MB STICK 16 EUROS !