My computer has lost its SOUL!! :(

Joe - Jan 6, 2010 at 08:32 AM
 Joe - Jan 6, 2010 at 09:57 AM
hi all,
I have this computer, a custom build, which has been soldiering on for just over a year. Just yesterday this problem arose, where the computer suddenly BSODed while I was running a non-intensive program. That day the computer had already been annoying me, with very slow performance and crashes (had to restart 5 times that day!)
So yeah, now it was not booting up!!. When turning the computer on, all lights and fans in the case would turn on but NO DISPLAY (just a black emptiness) would come up on the monitor (the power is fine, as the light at the bottom right of monitor is on). during this time, (about 9/10 of the time, I can hear a fan slowly getting faster and faster until it reaches what sounds normal.)

There has only been ONE "fix" to this so far, where I switch off everything from the wall for up to an hour. This normally ensures the computer boots up, although at some point it just freezes/crashes/BSODs. In this game which normally runs at nice FPS (40-50), the max I can get is 36, although average is 26, which is VERY noticable.

From what I've gathered, it could be a problem with my RAM, CPU, motherboard, a cable, or the videocard. It could also be a some problem where things are shorting. I'm soon going to remove some things, clean them, and then place them back in. I have a feeling something is shorting

My hardware:
q9550 (core 2 quad)
HD 4870X2
P5Q C (775, intel)
4Gbs of DDR2 1066MHz RAM (2 sticks)
800W PSU

NOTE: The processor has been OCed to 3.5GHz for several months now, on STOCK voltages. During the problem, I managed to get into BIOS and tune down the OC a little, with no results.

Thankyou for your answers! (if you've read this far xD)

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I forgot to mention this, but every now and then after turning the PC on, it says "Reboot and select proper boot device"...
What does this MEAN?!
again thanks so much for your help
After inserting the Vista disk, it wants to reinstall vista. I have eliminated the "no display" problem by turning the computer on its side and making sure everything is tight :D.

BUT now I'm reinstalling Vista even though I never uninstalled it...... is this a BAD idea?