Problm after downgrading in hp pavilion2701tu [Closed]

 rargy -
sir i've a problem in formatting my laptop hp pavilion 2701tu. actually i ve downgraded my lap from vista premium to window xp. whenever i format it by simple cd of xp i got a message that hard drive is not found.How to solve this problem. is it any of bios problem.Please help me ................................

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hey there,

can you tell me actually what windows vista do you have on your pc?

under the downgrade protocol only vista ultimate can be downgraded others have to be done by a clear format

You may need a sata raid driver to be able to install xp (if your hd is sata). You need to load it on a floppy at the beginning of the installation (f6). It's something like ich8 or ich9. You'll find it with a systeme info program on your pc. You may have to change some option in bios : sata = native to sata =ahci.

Hope it will help

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