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vasanth - Jan 15, 2010 at 02:49 AM
 Anil Kumar - Mar 25, 2011 at 08:24 AM
My newly bought IDE LG DVD writer does not get detected during the boot up time . but after bootong when we get into the operating system it works properly. I am using windows XP OS . Because of this i am unable to do Bootup installation in my system. please let me know wat my problem might be

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Hiii, I was happy to see this question (atleast) after a long search of mine.

So I have the same problem exactly. ... I bought a new LG GH22NP20 model IDE supported DVD writer which seems to be the only IDE model available now!! .... I found the drive being detected on OS perfectly, reading+writing and everything if any. Butttt.... DOESNOT boot with bootable cd's.

(LG has only two dvd writers available in INDIA as per its site www.in.lge.com says, and this is the only one supporting IDE and even that, is sold for much higher cost than MRP!!)

The solution finally came out for me to be as hidden in BIOS!!!

When I had my old similar dvd drive, it had some bios settings which did not match with this later version of dvd drive and hence though detected as a dvd drive, it went off as a non bootable drive.

I roamed around three hardware persons who were very busy!!(due to they being less skilled+less profit thing) and said replacing the DVD drive is the only solution and even that did not help(that didnot cost me anything but took roaming effort in mid summer!!).
Infact they said, now a days IDE drives givin lot of problems and even they are not available now a days, as everyone's buyin SATA models. (unfortunately my MothBrd won't support them) And I found the LG service center nearby saying they won't touch IDE models for repair once their guaranty period over.
The only option left for me was tryin " SELF experiments " and if still doesn't work, take it to Global Tech, Hyd...

I found an option called "Quick boot" which was enabled for over 5 years since my system bought and this came out to be the culprit for this whole problem. When I just randomly disabled it, I found everything working fine regarding any bootable CD.

Hope this helps out others. (though this original posting person may not be!! :) :) (long ago post))

Thanks Hari, thanks alot