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Hello,i brought Give me Five E71(China mobile) last sunday. I need to connect GPRs Connect in my mobile what can i do

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Hi there,

To be able to connect your mobile phone to internet and browse you need to configure it and to get the correct setting you need to contact your local network provider and request them the manual Gprssetting for your mobile phone.

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I need to connect GPRs Connect in my mobile what can i do
Please let me know the price of Gfive E71 mobile which you purchased. Also where you purchased this.

What do u feel about this and did u face any problems till now?
Hello..my name Iman.
I life in Indonesia. Please give me setting for gprs because I can't use it.
My nomber phone 058 714 873 785

first u need to go on spankwire
Hey, G'Five E71 can be connected to GPRS network. You need to contact your local service provider to experience it.
E71 specification is the same as E71Y, which can be found on www.gfivemobile.com