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I am having problem using ITEL IT2600 phone to connect to the internet. On the phone box and in the user guide, it is indicated that IT2600 is a gprs/wap compatible phone, but when I bought the phone there is no any place to locate the gprs. I even sent the phone to my local network provider, MTN, and they told me the phone is not compatible. Is there any help? Or the company manufacturing ITEL phones are just deceiving us by writing on the phone box and in the user guide that IT2600 phone is gprs/wap compatible while it is not?
In fact, I feel cheated.
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Hi there,

If the Service provider staff suggested you that its not compatible then he/she must have checked the mobile phone before providing you a negative view on it.As per the manual it can be for another model.


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Thanks very much for your message.
The fact is that, it is written not only in the manual but also on the box with all other features of the phone.
The features listed on it are; 1 Dual SIM, 2 Memory card slot, 3 video recorder, 4 1.3mega pixel camera, 5 GPRS/WAP .
All these features are there except the gprs. If could get the contacts of the ITEL phone manufacturers it would be very important to send them an email directly. Please help me get their email address because it is not provided in the manual.
Thanks again.
i would agree.
just purchased itel 2650 and in addition to not accessing GPRS there' no where on the menu to switch the torchlight on though a torchlight is visible of the device and the manual states where the switch should be.
I also worry that the manufacturers country and other details are not available either on manual or box.

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Find the manufacturer details below;


I'm also having a hard time. My uncle gave me itel 2650 phone for the Christmas and I was happen to have it but after realising therre is no way to browse on the phone, it seems like a toy in my hands.
I think you can switch the light by holding the center navigation key (ok) for a few seconds.