Hacked in my facebook account

 Abbas -
Hello, someone has hacked into my facebook.. It reads I have one email, but when I deleate all the mails it still reads one.. I not getting all my emails, please help what can I do..


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Dear Sir,

Please get a legal case filed in order for the investigations to carry forward to the hacker in question. This will be how you can get the problem fixed up.

Thanks in advance.
Hello, someone has hacked into my facebook..iwant my passwrd back can u help me....
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Hi the same thing happened to me send an repley to me in private and tell me your email and password tell me exactly what happened what you use msn/facebook/myspace/ect.
Wait 24hrs and you will have a nother repley giving you information on what to do
Hi! this may help you to get rid of your problem
Do the following steps!
1) goto https://about.fb.com/
2) then click on "Find out more" for 'Upload Via Email'
3) here you must click on "refresh your upload email"
4)and here it is done. Now no one can update your status!