SAR value of Micromax X260 Mobile

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Recently I purchased Micromax x260 mobile. I had a doubt that micromax has not published SAR (Specific absorption rate- of the mobile it manufactures. I would like is it under the allowable limits for micromax x260 and its products.


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Micromax mobiles (and most other Indian brands) have SAR values above 1.8 which is much beyond the safe limit for human use. They do not publish the SAR values on their website or in the user manual.

Its a Health Hazard.

Using a phone with SAR value above 1.0 is not recommended.

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Hi Suraj,

Thanks for sharing this useful information concerning our health ,


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For more information on the mobile phone please contact manufacturer ,you will get contact details in your manual book.

There is no mention of the SAR value of the micromax mobiles. The reason is that they are chinese mobiles which have not been tested for their SAR value...its very dangerous and can have long term effect on the health of the users. The government of india should make the testing and publishing of SAR values compulsory for all mobiles sold in India.