XP reboot loop / Admin password not recognizd

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This morning when I rebooted my computer, Windows installed an update.

When I rebooted, my PC went into a reboot loop.

During one of the reboots, I pressed F8 to go into Safe mode, but the computer would reboot at the file


I went to the AVG forums and found that AVG has been causing people problems. I followed the AVG instructions to disable all of the AVG-related files via repair mode. My PC still would not open Windows. Rather, it now got stuck at mup.sys

I then followed the instructions here:


Doing step #11, I used the highest number (24 in my case) then followed the rest of the steps. I think I should have used restore point 23.

When I rebooted, it went back into a loop. When I tried to go to Safe Mode, it would stop at AVGIDSxx.sys again...

I rebooted with the XP cd in again and went into repair mode... but this time, it won't recognize my administrator password.

I am posting from my laptop.

I am stumped.

Does any of this sound familiar? Did I somehow change my password?


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The very same problem occurred to me. It looks like the event began with an automatic OS update. Now, I'm also stuck in the reboot loop.

Normally, I have a recovery disk and image to recovery from along with a current backup. In this situation I don't. So, it looks like the best option will be to install an addition edition of Win XP on the box.

It will then be a dual book box (one OS inoperative) and the other workable. The later will be used to repair what appears to be a defective deriver.

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