How to recover lost admin password in CUPS?

How to recover lost admin password in CUPS?

If you have misplaced your admin password for CUPS you can access it directly via a web browser. This article will show you how.

How to recover admin password in CUPS?

  • Open web browser.
  • Type in the address bar: http://localhost:631/admin
  • You must use the PC running CUPS to be able to access it.
  • Or you can edit the /etc/cups/cupsd.conf file.
  • If you have forgotten the admin password, it is possible to allow a user to administer CUPS.

To do this, enter this command as root:

root@cameleon # lppasswd -a username 
Enter password: 
Enter password again:
  • You can then administer CUPS with this user.

Note: the password specified must contain at least 6 characters (at least one letter and one number).

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