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I have TP-link TD W8151N modem n router ADSL2+. I am unable to open But when I ping from cmd I receive replies. No username or password box is promoted when I try to open the IP.

I tried reset it many times but again I am facing this problem. After reset it opens but after sometime it again stops to open that page. I switched it off and when after sometime I switched it on. I was again able to open the page but again after sometime it didn't open. Someone told me it is due to heating problem as my device is connected to inverter point.

Is there any answer to my solution or a new device will be required ?
Thank you . Help will be appreciated :)

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Try this :
  • 1. Disable WiFi of router by pressing button located at the back (depends on your router).
  • 2. Restart modem/router.
  • 3. Connect your PC to modem/router via an Ethernet / RJ45 cable (LAN cable).
  • 4. Type in or in your browser and you're set.
Thank you

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So I was having this problem too, on my mac. I downloaded the tp-plc utility for mac for the tp-wa4220 for my powerline extender, and when booting, I get a prompt that the app wants to make some changes. Once this allowed and the app is still running switch over to your browser, and you'll find you can log in. Worked for me. Just saying.
Thanks for your help
Hey! This actually works!

My TP link DSL modem is connected to my Gigabit wifi router. PC is connected directly to the DSL modem. Internet works. But could not open the DSL admin page.

Logging in to the Wifi router admin page first and then the DSL router admin page is the way to go. Strange, but true.

Hang in there.

If a piece of hardware functions one way one time, and another way another time, more than likely the hardware is failing. If you can ping but it doesn't host a login page 100% of the time, it is failing (more than likely).
So how do I fix it ?
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Well, Unless you have extensive test sets (osciliscope, logic probes), and a set of schematics with given good patterns/voltage sets, there is nothing you can do. Go to the store and buy another one. If this router is provided by your ISP, have them dispatch a tech and fix it.

Have FUn!
Sir still I can't open this page plz help me
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Have you gotten a new router? Please see above posts. IF the hardware is not acting that you would expect after restting, it, it has failed!