Computer Keeps resarting

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Okay so the other night i installed the newest update for my computer(XP Home SP2) but i turned off my comp. before it could restart. Now when i turn it on it goes to the mode selection screen. Now if i select any of the safe modes it freezes once it loads something ending in MUP. If i try to start from the last good configuration it just resarts. If i try to start windows normally the screen will flash white for a split second then it resarts. I've tried the whole system repair with the disk, it just tells me that it cannot detect my drive. Is there anything i can do that wouldn't result in losing everything? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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Feb 13, 2010 at 02:40 AM
Dear Sir,

Please check your RAM sticks, graphic card, motherboard and power supplying unit to see from which of these the problem is occurring.

Thank you.