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Does any one have any deeper knowledge of the Dell laptop speedstep problem. I have re enabled my laptop by disabling the speedstep option in bios as per this web site but is it an electronic fault, fault with mobo, or the CPU set up. Speedstep certainly has a lot to answer for

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Hi there,

Please provide more information on the issue you are facing with it.

With sppeedstep off in the bios it works completely ie charges, boots up ok, usb work hard drive ok everything except
1) it will only go into windows safe mode then its happy
2) it wont complete a windows installation and hangs on the devices installation bit

so far I have checked by cross substitution and the following are all ok and I have run the dell diagnostics disc on everything and all is ok

2) Windows full install on another identical laptop is ok
3)Nvidea geForce5200 ok
4)Ram 512 mb ok

iv run out of ideas and can only assume its the mobo in the video circuit area???

let me know if you come up with anything new