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alright so i have an hp dv2000. and my wireless drivers are gone, and my hard wire driver is messed up too i think, because when i plug it in it doesnt connect and says the problem is that it cant get an ip address or something, can anyone please help me. im trying to get it back up and running for my paramedic classes....
do i need to put the drivers on another computer and on to a dvd and then in to my laptop?
what are my options? because i refuse to pay bestbuy $200!

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I have the same problem. Came home and my laptop was powered off (wtf?). Then I notice that my wireless card doesn't even show up anymore. I tried updating reinstalling the drivers, but it didn't work.
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i got the same laptop had same problem... if u go to hp website u will find product alert about your product mentioning some problems abt this product. i get my laptop repair from them free of cost.
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yes download the drivers on another pc and burn them to a CD or USB thumbdrive.

install the drivers and if your lucky it will work. If your not lucky report back with the exact problem and/or error message.

I own a HP dv2000 and my monitor go off...i had try and try turning on-off, and nothing happened....i had heard that this series come with problem in the motherboard for over heatting with the nvidia transitor.....anyone have ever hear about it.? or any solutions?

> rototen
My DV 2000 is doing the same thing. Have you figured out what to do.
> Kenny
hey kenny contact hp...i did last week and they repaired my laptop for free. go to their website
> Kenny
Kenny, Did HP repair your computer? My daughter has the same problem with the motherboard.