RAM getting me crazy!

JohnsonD - Jan 11, 2008 at 12:41 PM
 nerds - Jan 14, 2008 at 04:30 AM
Alright, guys, here is my problem – pretty long story…

I have an HP a1030n. The system originally came stock with 512MB of RAM (2x256MB). The stock memory is PC2-3200 333 Mhz. The motherboard can be upgraded to 4GB (on the four memory slots of the motherboard) and can handle up to PC2-4200 memory.

As you can guess, 512MB stopped being enough a long time ago, and I decided to upgrade, so I bought two 1GB modules. I figured I'd just pop out the two 256's that were in there and replace them with the two 1GB's and booted up.

I checked in the BIOS and the system located them perfectly. Two 1GB modules operating at PC2-4200. When I get to the Windows logo with the loading bar underneath it, the bar will go across a few times, but then it just stops. And… that’s all!

If anyone out there can think of how to get my system to work with JUST the two 1GB modules, that would be like… GREAT!


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You have to clock the RAM down to a 1:1 ratio, which you can't do in an HP, or you have to disable the SPD detection and manually adjust timings and voltages. You'll probably have to loosen them up a bit.

So… you go into the BIOS and in the options disable SPD, then all the timings options will show up. Set the RAM to 4 or 5. You may also need to increase the voltage. I'm not sure where a tutorial is. Maybe someone else can help with that.