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Crazy Browser is a web browser. It is comfortable and easy to use. It contains various features that make it simple to .

What are the key features of Crazy Browser?

  • Multi-windows allow you to organize your windows in different styles according to need. Open tabs can show as multiple open tasks inside a single browser task or as separate windows. It is also possible to save multiple pages simultaneously and reopen them later.
  • Personalized settings, that the user is given to adjust the auto-refreshing pages starting at 1 minute. It is also possible to automatically close all unavailable pages simultaneously.
  • Compatibility, in addition to these functions, it is also important to note that this browser is preconfigured to work with multiple search engines. It is possible to extend the list of engines or customize the browser as the user likes.
  • Blocking pop-up ads, Crazy Browser also has a pop-up blocking function. This option accelerates the speed of loading pages and also ensures the safety of the user. Meanwhile, it also blocks viruses that may infect the computer.
  • Lightweight, it supports 3 kinds of plug-ins: COM Objects, Scripts, and Executable Files.
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Is it free?

Crazy Browser is free to download and is available in more than 30 languages.

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