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Hey . .Iv bin going thru some of the forums and it seems like i have a unique problem. . .First off my iTunes does not give me a message saying ' cannot connect to itunes store' . .. it just says 'Accessing iTunes store' . .and just doesn't go forward. .my net's up so that doesn't seem to be the problem . Iv also tried all the suggestions on the forums and nothing seems to work . . so if anybodies got the same problem and rectified it .. plz lemme know. ..Yeah my iTunes version is 9.03. .thnx

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The following worked on two PCs that had the same problem with my son's iTunes account (one running XP, the other running Vista). I had no probs conecting to iTunes on my login account, but he always got an Accessing Itunes store message and it either took over half an hour to connect, or never connected at all (very frustrating) - non of the usual apple support stuff addressed the issue.
Here's what worked for me. In an administrator level account, go to control panel, user accounts, then modify the account that's got the issue to temporarily make it an administrator account. Log into the account you've just changed and check if it connects to iTunes store. If it does, you're sorted. :o)
You can change the account level back to standard and it should still work, so it must be a "first time" set-up issue that's screwed up between iTunes and Windows.

Of course, if your account already has admin access, then this is no use to you at all... :o(