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ProbablyRob - Apr 2, 2010 at 01:40 PM
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Hi all

I'm at something of a loss. I'm running Windows XP on my desktop (as such I'm not even sure if this is a Windows problem or a hardware one, so I hope I'm in the right forum!), and after what might have been a dodgy download the computer restarted. Now whenever I try to turn it on I get a blue screen that flashes up far too quickly for me to read what the error message is. As soon as the message flashes up, the computer restarts. This happens when I try to start windows normally or in the last known good configuration. I've tried changing some settings in the boot menu so that I can get the blue screen to stay a little longer so that I can actually read it, but to no avail.
Having read various hints and tips about blue screen of death that told me to start it up in safe mode I tried that, but when I do it doesn't even show the blue screen, it just stops dead and restarts, so that I can't get any further than the most basic startup menus.
So I'm stumped. I just want to know if there might be anything I can do with the boot menu or startup menu to allow me to even access safe mode, and if anyone can suggest anything I'd be really grateful, even if it means I have to actually take the thing apart myself - otherwise I'm going to have to pay a professional, which I imagine might cost a bit...
Thanks a lot in advance, and please be patient, since I know pretty much nothing about computers.



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Apr 3, 2010 at 07:19 AM
What this sounds like, is that during the download some dodgy software corrupted some of your files. It is pretty easy to overcome.

do you have a windows xp disk?

Is there any data on the hard drive that you realy need. ie pictures, documents etc. ( if so, you can use what is called a distro cd ( a live operating system that runs from the cd and allows you to access the duff hdd to get files off it))

If you do not have any pressing stuff on there, then you could take the simplest route and do a fresh install. (if you have the xp cd)

Here are a few locations that may be of use. Try these before you go down the 'pay some one else to do it' route. it provides 2 opportunities, 1 you save some dough and 2, you get a little education in your computer.