Critical macro to copy from rawdata to summar

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dear all,

I need your kind help to create an critical macro in which i have 2 files, 1. rawdata in which i need to filter for certain conditions to match in the summary file and paste it to the corresponding matching cell..

here is my creteria...
1. raw data
i have columns like item, supplier, region, sourcecontrol & business group under which i need to filter for 3 or more criteria in the supplier column and one criteria in region and one criteria in business group and take that sum of value and open the summary file in which contains in columns it contains global ops, subtotal, cpc,mrp,irp,smi as header .... and in ops it contains it contains vi and nonvi and total, under which i need to filter the value in rawdata file and then sum that and paste it in summary corresponding to global ops, cpc, crp, mrp (these are headrs of my summary file)and first column:global ops contains in cell a4 VI AND in A5 NVI...S
how do i do that please help... it is very critical and i am very new to macro

My requirement is like this.. in rawdata file filter for region column"ASIA" and then filter in business group column "globalops" and then filter in supplier column"SHARP","SAMSUNG","SONY" as "VI" value for asia and then get the sum of this filtered value and then activate the Summary file and then compare column A:global ops under "VI" and paste the summed value in the subtotal column... next go again to rawdata and then all filters same, only in supplier column exclude "SHARP","SAMSUNG","SONY" to get as "NVI" value.. and then again activate summary file and compare global ops column and paste it in subtotal column for valueand paste it.... next again go to rawdata file and then keep same filters for "VI" and then all other filter same then filter for "CRP" in sourcontrol column of rawdata and sum the value for this filter then activate summary file then compare the value for column global ops "VI" and then compare for same "CRP" and corresponding to VI paste the value in "CRP" column value.. and same continuous for CPC,MRP,IRP,SMI...

Kindly do the needfulll.
It will be great help for me.. because i have to do the same for 120 files by commodity wise.... kindly help me.. it will be great help for me

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Could you post a sample file for raw data and how you would like the result to appear. You can post on some share site like