Laptop says "critical battery error"

 Slaugd -
Hello, my laptop was working find, then all of a sudden it would not boot up, I had it plugged into, but it keeps giving me a message on a black screen saying "critical battery error" does this mean I need a new battery or is it a bigger problem?

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this indicates that your battery out of charge and need to connected to the charger.
if the problem still persists after recharging the battery, then it means that it is faulty and should be replaced.

Hi, my computer did the same thing. I have an Inspiron 1300 laptop. I broke my cord, and had to wait a month to buy a new one. I plugged in the laptop with the battery it came on with a black screen that said, "CRITICAL BATTERY PRESS F1 TO CONTINUE." When I pressed F! it acted like it was booting XP. Suddenly my screen went blank, and my entire computer shut down. I removed the battery that didn't work. I tried ac power only that didn't work. I can't get anything, even after leaving it in to charge. Is this my cmos battery perhaps? If so where is the cmos on an Inspiron 1300? Very appreciative, thanks.
I had same problem, disconnect the battery and wait for 30-60 seconds then connect the mains and the laptop should power up. Sound like you need to replace the battery.