I tried over and over to install adobe flash

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Pls help me out,i have been trying to install adobe flash player but it did not work.I do not know what is the problem.



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After hours of research, and sifting through useless "solutions" even by "professionals", I found the answer to this problem. Go to the adobe site, find it's uninstaller link, run the adobe uninstaller for flash player, install new flash 10 and voila! For some reason windows does not remove the entire program, you have to do it through adobe.
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Stuck with exactly the same problem - frustration was mounting rapidly and then I read your tip and uninstalled Flash through the Adobe site and then reinstalled and indeed as you said Voilà - done ! Back in business - can now watch videos on i-tunes, catch up on BBC i player and see my bills on line ... Thank you so much. It was definitely worth a try !
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l have a problem with adobe player
could u help please
A million thanks for your answer to this problem. Something so simple! You might think that Adobe would make it clear on their site that you MUST use their uninstall program before installing a new version of Flash Player.
Did u install with Admin Rights ?
um trying to install adobe flash professional. during the installations everything is fine and reaches its end (100%). in the end it gives message that adobe flash installation is unsuccessful . i dun knw what the problem is.
needed your help.

waiting for reply.
This was simply amazing. After hours of downloading and reloading and researching...this took less than 5 minutes.