Interrupted SP3 install gone wrong

Jon32 - Oct 21, 2008 at 06:27 AM
 nclblows - Oct 24, 2008 at 11:46 AM
Hey guys just a bit of help.

Ive had to resort to forums for help because this is something i havnt encountered before nor have i heard of it happening, though it isnt impossible. Ive searched the net and racked my brain but cant come up with a solution. So ill give a detailed account:

My dads laptop had gotten a serious spyware infection so i installed updated versions of both PC tools Spyware doctor and AVG 8 Free addition. I managed to Remove most of the stuff but a automatic update from windows prompted me to update to service pack 3. The update went well to the part where it reboots and goes to the start up screen after windows has booted and asks me to 'please wait' i left it there for about 4 hours and when i returned i thought something was wrong, knowing the restore points service packs usualy make and also knowing that the update was virtualy over, i powered down the computer and restarted it. when i booted it back up it hung and didnt want to start the 'explorer' service.

With the help of task manager i can run programs such as IE or spyware doctor, even AVG but when i go to start the process(including going to c:\windows\explorer.exe" i just couldnt start it getting a message saying something like please confirm the location of the file because windows cant open it.

Fustrated ive sacaned and rescaned looking for more spyware to see if its stoping it from starting up but it hasnt helped and as for rerunning the sp3 update again to see if i can get an uninstall or even it to install again and fix the problem but the install didnt register and when it goes to inventory what is on my computer, it stops and says that service.exe is being used and close down what ever program is using it.

Im at a loss. any help soon would be greatly appreciated.


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This happened to me, too. Did you ever get an answer?