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I wanted to have some information about water cooling systems for computers and actually which one is the best? is it recommended?

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But here are tips of that water cooling system

In search of the ultimate cool? The Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling System offers a variety of features that will greatly increase the performance of your PC. The System includes a brazing copper water block, which maximizes heat conductivity and is structured with an All-in-one mounting design which supports all latest CPU from Intel & AMD. The package comes complete with a 12cm Motorsports Radiator, which offers Dimple Tube Technology that swirls the coolant within the radiator (increasing thermal transfer).

The ProWater Liquid Cooling System also contains a powerful 500 liters-per-hour pump, a High Capacity Liquid Tank (an easy-to-refill tank which holds up to 350cc of coolant), an iStripe (eliminating tube deformation), and a Flow TX which offers a clear view of the coolant movement. It all comes together with a rugged and free-flowing 3/8" tubing system designed to prevent wear and tear while significantly increasing water-flow.


* Brazing Copper Waterblock
* 12cm Motorsports Radiator
* Durable 500 Liters-Per-Hour Pump
* High-capacity Liquid Tank
* Flow meter - Providing Accurate Monitoring & Quick Response
* iStripe - Eliminates Deformation of Tubes & Allows Sharp Bending Radi
* Rugged, Free-Flowing 3/8" Tubing


* Water Block:
o Dimensions: 58mm X 58mm X 35mm
o Material: All copper designed
o Tubing & Hoes Clip: For 9.5mm ID (3/8") tubing
o Weight: 336(g)
* Pump:
o Dimensions: 75 x 70 x 75 mm 
o Bearing: Ceramic bearing
o Maximum Capacity: 500 L/ hr
o Rated Voltage: DC 12V
o Input current: 600 mA
o Connector: 4 pin
o Noise: 16 dBA
o Lifetime: 80000 hr (MTBF) 
* TMG Radiator:
o Dimensions: 153 x 120 x 28 mm
o Material: Aluminum
o Tube Design: Aluminum, Dimple
o Fin Design: Aluminum, Louvered
o Tubing & Hoes Clip: For 9.5mm ID (3/8") tubing
* Fan:
o Fan Dimension: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
o Fan Speed: 1300 ~ 2400 RPM
o Noise: 16 ~ 30 dB
o Fan Connector: 4 pin
* Liquid Tank:
o Dimensions: 86 x 66 x 110 mm
o Capacity: 350 c.c
o Tubing & Hoes Clip: For 9.5mm ID(3/8") tube
* iStripe:
o Length: 300 mm x2 pcs
o Material: TPU
* Flow TX:
o Dimensions: 60mm x 35 mm x 25 mm
o Tubing & Hoes Clip: For 9.5mm ID(3/8") tube
* Tube:
o Dimensions: 9.5mm ID(3/8") tube
o Material: Green UV
* Coolant:
o Capacity: 500 c.c
o Major Material Ingredient: Propylene Glycol
* Application:
o CPU: AMD AM2 series
o AMD K8 series
o Intel LGA775
o Intel P4
Basically we have types of cooling systems in the computer system, one we have air cooling system, two we have power supply cooling system, three we have liquid cooling system,four we have hard drive cooling system, five we have chips cooling system,six we have processor cooling system i never heard of yours of water cooling system since i started doing PC Engineering.