Cooling fan running high speed, will not boot

Buzz - Aug 31, 2010 at 07:42 AM
 Jim - Apr 7, 2012 at 09:04 PM

My two DELLs, on a hard reboot, now start with the cooling fan in full
speed and no further effort from BIOS to go further. Can not even get
as far as F2 Reset. Nada.


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Aug 31, 2010 at 08:46 AM
Hi there,

If fan is running at high speed then system may be overheated,open system and clean it inside if required add more cooler fans to it also remove the heat sink and processor cleaning it and add new thermal paste on surface.This will reduce the overheating issue,

I had this same problem. The computer would turn on and the fans would run on high and not stop. I solved it by replacing the lithium battery in the mother board. Cost- 4.00. But another problem started after I changed the battery because when I dislodged the battery I accidentally disconnected a plug in wire for the hard drive. Plugged it back in and all is well again. But once I changed the lithium battery the fans stopped running on high.