Nokia e71 problem sending sms [Closed]

 fely -
hello, I have an nokia E71 mobile everything is okay except that I cant send sms it always says GENERAL: MEMORY FULL CLOSE SOME APPLICATION AND TRY AGAIN, but the memory is not full thats why im wondering and my friend told me that there might have a virus on the phone and it needs to be reformat. is this possible? and how to do the reformarting? thank you very much.

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Dear Fely,

Please press the Menu button until you get to see a list of open applications. Then select one application by one and press C to close it.

Thank you.
Thank you

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hi hello, we did what you have told me but there is nothing happening to it. and also I would like to ask if its possible to downgrade the PSP 3004 version so I dont need to buy the games I can just directly download to the internet and save to the memory card. thank you very very much. I hope this will be okay....thanks again

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