Problems with china blackberry 8520 [Closed]

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April 30, 2010
 qirana -
i have bought blackberry china made for model problems now is i cant make any outgoing call...when i dialed a number it state "not allowed for dialing"..there is no problem n sending message..incoming calls or incoming message..just have one problem that is cannot make any call before this there is no problem..a i want to change the network setting for gsm preferred..but when i try to change says "unfinish" right now the status is WLAN ONLY...i have done reformat and restored factory setting..its still cant make outgoing call..somebody help me me for

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Dear Sir,

It might be that you need to have the phone unlocked or still there might be some problems occuring with the SIM card that you are using. Please confirm the issue and hence have the problem solved.

Thanks in advance.
Thank you

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it can send message...receive calls and receive message only.if the sim is problem...those things cant be done.
my phone sufferd like that...please help me at
i nid also the engineer code for blackberry 8250 china phone....please send to my e-mail....T_T


Here is the code:


Be sure you what what you are doing,

that code is for what?