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hii friends.
this is lalit vats.
i am having a ipod with company name PKGK DV MP4 MP5(chienese) .
whenever i start downloading songs to it. it shows on audio folder on PC.
but when i restarts my ipod to listen songs there is nothing added.
i can not delete them also
when i am deleting songs there is same problem.
on computer it shows that songs are deleted or downloaded and in ipod threre are only those 15 are threre.
i have 1 gb internal memory in it.
what i have to do please suggest me on
thanks in advance.

Lalit vats

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Dear Sir,

If the iPod is not a genuine one, it will not work similar to original iPods. Please indicate which specific application you are using for transferring the files and their format also for further help.

Thank you.