Cant find script file c:\windows\winsys64.vbs [Solved/Closed]

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<confi>windows XP


My computer have a problem I hope you can help me.

The problem is the window cannot find Script file"C:\WINDOWS\winsys64.vbs"
and suddenly it will restart I don't know if the problem is the lose file.

Please! Someone help me!!

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djsmurf 101 Posts Friday January 9, 2009Registration date April 30, 2011 Last seen - May 10, 2010 at 07:31 PM
Thank you
If you search this site you can find a few post similar to your problem.

that is an example.

The file may be part of a virus called VBS.Zodgila, or VBS.Runauto (there are loads of different ones) which when executed attempts to write that file to your hard drive and puts in registry keys. Im assuming that it either wrote the registry key incorrectly or misplaced the file the key was referring to.

What anti virus program are you running and have you been able to update it and run a current scan?

I ask because it is best to be sure the cause of the problem has been removed before we fix the reg. problem.

Do you have any registry editing experience? There are a few ways to fix the error but as I said want to make sure the cause is removed first then we can repair the registry.

Thank you, djsmurf 3

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Thank you
hi! have same problem.
I'm using Avast as my antivirus and yes, I've run scans multiple times, but it found nothing (virus, worms etc).
kieferschild 2391 Posts Sunday October 5, 2008Registration dateContributorStatus May 29, 2018 Last seen - Mar 31, 2011 at 02:45 PM

when youre on your PC I advise you download the following and run a scan:

once youve scanned and remove infections with this, go to google and type ESET online scanner. install this and again, run a full system scan.

next, type into google trend house micro online scanner and do the same with this.
hi! thanks for the reply.
I've done them all, but the problem still there.
I forgot to tell you, around 6 months ago my antivirus found a virus (it said Wins32 or something, maybe), so I just delete them but as soon as I delete it, the warning message kept pop up over and over again, it kept telling me that it found a virus. Until I got my laptop restarted then it's gone. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you!
Ambucias 53234 Posts Monday February 1, 2010Registration dateModeratorStatus July 17, 2018 Last seen - Apr 2, 2011 at 06:36 AM
Thank you
Greetings XimXim

The solution provided by Kieferchild is always a good and recommended first step to remove a virus. If Malwarebyte can't remove it, a larger system analysis must be performed.

To help you, I must make a diagnostic and to do so, I require a log.

Open this link and download ZHPDiag :

Register the file on your Desktop.

Double click on ZHPDiag.exe and follow the instructions.

the tool created two icons ZHPDiag and ZHPFix (we will use ZHPFix at the next step).

Double click on the short cut ZHPDiag on your Destktop.

Click on the Magnifying glass and run the analysys.

Wait for the tool to finished (maybe a long time)

Close ZHPDiag.

To transmit the report, click on this link :

Click on Parcourir and search the directory where you installed ZHPDiag (usually C:\Program Files\ZHPDiag).

Select the file ZHPDiag.txt.

Click on "upload »

Copy the url and post it here
HI! Thanks for the response.
this is the URL you asked :

One question, What the effect of that virus? is it going to slow down my laptop?
I think spyware is not the right term becasuse software is installed with user's knowledge and permission and can be removed easily using uninstall program from the control panel. It's not malicious. It is just a program that gathers some information about user's browsing habits. It is a genuine piece of software.
Ambucias 53234 Posts Monday February 1, 2010Registration dateModeratorStatus July 17, 2018 Last seen - Apr 3, 2011 at 04:49 AM
Thank you
Dear Ximxim

Your system is indeed badly infected.

The infection came from Bittorent, BitComet and IMesh

After analysys, I have found

1. Baidu spyware,
2. Pop Cap Adware,
3. Relevant Knowledge Spyware,
4. Rogue Trojan Horse
5. USB viral infection.

Yes your system is in a extremely sad state.

To answer your question, not only will these viruses slowdown your machine but it is vulnerable to intrusions. If you let them prosper, your system will blank out!

Also, I found:

a) 19 useless processes
b) 13 useless toolbars or Browser helper objects

Can you tell me about this software:

Dachshund Software-- C:\WINDOWS\Integrator.exe

And what about

Another very important question do you use any removal USB devices? If you do, do not use them, they are probably infected and will recontaminate your system and may contaminate others.

No antivirus is perfect and in this instance, Avast was incapable of the detecting and removing all of those viruses, but I insist, you Ximxim have let them in through your torrent downloads.

Lets deal with the main infections first.

After you applied my medicinal compound, please run another ZHP log for me to look at.

I shall prescribe to you a very powerfull antidote that is able to kill and send any virus to the glue factory. It is of very last resort and should not be abused of, as matter of a fact, once you have used it, I suggest you delete it from your system.

To keep your system safe, you must follow the instructions hereunder to the letter:

First step, boot your system in safe mode with networking

1. Download Combofix to your desktop.

2.Close all open Windows including this one.

Close or disable all running Antivirus, Antispyware, and Firewall programs as they may interfere with the proper running of ComboFix.

3. Double click on the ComboFix icon.

Windows is issuing this prompt because ComboFix does not have a digital signature. This is perfectly normal and safe and you can click on the Run button to continue.

4. Accept the disclaimer and the recovery

5.You should now press the Yes button to continue. If at any time during the Recovery Console installation you receive a message stating that it failed to install, please allow ComboFix to continue with the scan of your computer.

ComboFix will disconnect your computer from the Internet, so do not be surprised or concerned if you receive any warnings stating that you are no longer on the Internet. When ComboFix has finished it will automatically restore your Internet connection.

While the program is scanning your computer, it will change your clock format, so do not be concerned when you see this happen. When ComboFix is finished it will restore your clock settings to their previous settings.

If you see your Windows desktop disappear, do not worry. This is normal and ComboFix will restore your desktop before it is finished. Eventually you will see a new screen that states the program is almost finished and telling you the programs log file, or report, will be located at C:\ComboFix.txt.

During the process, please do not mouse click nor must you tap on the keyboard. Let the tool run.

Once you are done, report to me on how your system is behaving and send the ZHP log.

Good luck

Dachshund Software-- C:\WINDOWS\Integrator.exe This program I got it from a forum and people there said that this program will speed up my computer and fix any crashed programs.

About, I have no idea what that is nor where that came from.

And about removal USB, I have it once, but I already uninstalled it long ago. I don't know if the program still exist in my laptop. >.<

It's not I don't trust you, but I am no expert for this program thing, so I kinda scared if I mess up. So, should I ask someone who is an expert for this thing to do it for me or common person can do it alone? Are all my programs going to be gone after I do this?

Thank you
Umm... How do I get in safe mode?
Ambucias 53234 Posts Monday February 1, 2010Registration dateModeratorStatus July 17, 2018 Last seen - Apr 3, 2011 at 05:58 AM
Thank you

By removable usb devices, I mean things like pendrives, flashdrives or external disk which you plug in your computer.

The Dachshund software which you downloaded contains a virus.

You can very well desinfect your system yourself as long as you carry out my instructons to the letter.

To get into safemode with networking, since you have Windows XP professional, reboot (restart) your machine and as soon as it begins keep tapping F8. You will come to a screen giving you several options. Using the arrow key, select safemode with networking and press enter. After that continue on with disabling Avast, I think that if click right on the Avast icon, you will get the option of disabling it.

Then carry on with my instructions above, print them if needed.

Good luck
yes, I have external hard disk to store my data. so u mean I shouldn't use it anymore?

I will try your method and inform you how it goes.

Ambucias 53234 Posts Monday February 1, 2010Registration dateModeratorStatus July 17, 2018 Last seen - Apr 3, 2011 at 06:32 AM
You will be able to use it, but not now.

After we put your system back into shape, I will give you instructions to remove the viruses from your external disk and we will vaccinate it against future infections.

Now please proceed.

I must sign out now and will return in 8 to 9 hours from now.

I hope by then you have sent me the new ZHP Diag log.

Have fun and catch you later
I have no idea which file I should sent, so I just upload 3 of them.

and I run the ZHP Diag:

After the ComboFix finish its work and reboot my computer, the error message has gone!
My laptop seems fine and working properly.

Thank you very much!
Ambucias 53234 Posts Monday February 1, 2010Registration dateModeratorStatus July 17, 2018 Last seen - Apr 3, 2011 at 04:10 PM
Thank you

The latest log you have sent me shows the very same infections.

Do me a favor,

1. delete the present copy of the ZHP diag you have.

2. Download a brand new copy and run it and post a new log.

I would like to make sure your system is really clean before we go on and clean your removal drive.

this is the new log you asked:

sorry, I just got back from vacation.
Ambucias 53234 Posts Monday February 1, 2010Registration dateModeratorStatus July 17, 2018 Last seen - Apr 7, 2011 at 04:30 AM
Thank you

So you were on vacation. How boring!

I was unable to check because zhp produced the same log as the infected one.
haha! it was fun! LoL

so, my computer still infected and no solution?
anyway, thank you for helping me this far. You're the best ^^

Best regard.
Ambucias 53234 Posts Monday February 1, 2010Registration dateModeratorStatus July 17, 2018 Last seen - Apr 7, 2011 at 04:12 PM
No it's ZHP Diag that produced the same report.

Best uninstall ZHP and reinstall it and then produce a new log.