How do I view YouTube videos in IE8?

Hummocky Forge - May 19, 2010 at 10:03 PM
 Jay - Nov 11, 2010 at 07:59 AM

I have Window XP sp3 as the operating system and adobe flash player 10 installed. I have been able to watch you tube videos and ABC I view until I install IE8. Now I can not. It tells me that I have to enable active X controls (They are already enabled) and install adobe Flash Player 10 (already installed) when I connect to the Adobe site IE8 blocks the site. The site is allowed on the Ativirus program I am using (Trend Pro 2010) I have no problem viewing You Tube or IView if I use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as the browser so I assume the problem must lie with IE8 rather than Adobe or Trend


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1. Open IE. Go to TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS> ADVANCED> RESET... This is going to reset IE8 to default settings.

2. If #1 does not work, uninstall adobe flash player 10, restart the computer. Then go to youtube, if the prompt for activeX controls come up, enable it, then go to and download FP10, making sure that OS is XP.

3. Another way of doing it is getting rid of IE 8. Uninstall in Add/Remove programs. If browser upgrade does not work, you can do a rollback.
Try Tools -> Security -> UNCHECK Protected mode checkbox, "Medium" security level and apply. Restart IE. It helped me.