MW2 why does it take so long to find a game [Solved/Closed]

 Taylorallbut -
I just got Modern warfare 2 on Xbox 360 and im trying to play it online, i know my network and connection to Xbox live is fine because all other online games are great not laggy at all, so when i try to find any type of match in Modern Warfare absolutely no matches appear, the 'searching for good games' percentage doesn't even get to 100% anyone know why and if you do how i can fix it?

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The game searches for people who want to play or are already playing the game you want to play for example Team Deathmatch it then has to find the person with the best internet connection to be the host. This normally takes around 5 minutes...if yours is any longer or doesn't work then there is something wrong with the game. Hope this helped =D