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recently i tried installing UBUNTU and went thru until the option 4 partitioning came. I used the manual partition and it went on and did automatic partitioning instead. i had 5 partitions C, D, E ,F and G where G was my OS drive in which i had XP. the next time i came on my, drive refused to boot up with windows and i tried to check it up using Ubuntu live wherein i cud use a temporary OS using the disk. it showed that my HDD was being read with a single partition containing all the space. its a 500 GB drive and C drive alone has 500gb. tho it shows only the data that it contained on the original C drive which was only 80GB approx. i cant seem to find a way to view the data that was on the other drives. is there anyway that i can undo this problem of mine and get back my previous partitions ALONG with the data that i had on each separate partition.
thank you!!!(its really killing me to have made the mistake :( )

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have you tried connecting the hard drive onto another pc and see if the hard drive is being recognised alongside with the other partitions?
Thank you

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that i hav not tried but i hav tried to use seagates partition diskwizard bootable to check the drive. the drive is being read but i hav a feeling that the drives r now in linux format as in they r not fat32 or ntfs anymore... is there a way to get that back without hampering the data on them?....